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New Ambulance in Service

Fenton Fire Protection District has placed a new Ford Osage ambulance in service at Station 3. This ambulance represents a significant redesign of the patient care area to enhance safety for the paramedics and patients. Cabinets were redesigned to avoid head strikes for someone seated in the seat against the wall. An integrated child seat assures the safety of the occasional child passenger who may not necessarily be a patient.

The most significant departure from traditional ambulance design is the elimination of the bench seat. This allows for the paramedic to remain seated and secured for a majority of the incidents. Additional storage at arm's reach enables personnel to continue patient care while minimizing the need to be unsecured.

The reflective, high-visibility chevrons on the back make the ambulance easier to see on roadways thereby enhancing the safety of our personnel.

Medication Drop Boxes

Wondering what to do with expired or unwanted prescription or over-the-counter medications? Dispose of them properly at a location provided by Missouri Youth/Adult Alliance's Statewide Permanent Drop Box Program. With this program, locations across Missouri are available to get unwanted medications out of circulation.

The locations closest to the Fenton Fire Protection district include:

  • St. Louis County Police 7th Precinct
    232 Vance Road
    Valley Park, MO  63088
  • Arnold Police Department
    2101 Jeffco Blvd.
    Arnold, MO  63010

For more locations or additonal information, visit MYAA's Drop Box Program website.

Fenton Fire District Mission Statement

fentonpatch.gifThe Fenton Fire Protection District is committed to providing our residents and neighbors the highest quality emergency services by being progressive, highly trained, and community oriented. We will achieve our mission through strong leadership, financial responsibility, and innovation.

Building Permits

oldfenpatch.gifThe Fenton Fire Protection District issues permits for building construction, commercial use, blasting, bonfires, open burning, and commercial fireworks. Our permit applications are available for download from the Permits Page as well as plenty of information about what is required for a permit application.

Photo Gallery

brannans02.jpgAs you may have noticed, we've changed how things look on www.fentonfire.org. We also have set up a new photo gallery to make it easier to see what we do.